Hemostatic Forceps

Cascade Health Care's curated selection of hemostat forceps are specially designed to offer unparalleled control and accuracy during procedures. Crafted with stainless steel, ranging from floor-grade to surgical-grade options, these forceps guarantee durability and reliability. Their meticulous construction ensures a firm grip and the delicate manipulation necessary for the safest and most effective outcomes, making them an essential tool for nearly any medical practice. 

Hemostatic Forceps have handles that can be held in place by their locking mechanism. The locking mechanism is typically a series of interlocking teeth that allow the user to adjust the clamping force of the instrument. The original use for hemostatic forceps was to close blood vessels but now are also used to clamp umbilical cords, hold tissue, and during suturing. This product comes in many hemostatic forceps types, shapes, and lengths; and has various grid patterns on the blades. 

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