Resuscitation Kits

At Cascade Health Care, we understand how vital it is to be ready for all situations in labor and delivery. That’s why we carry a range of newborn resuscitation kits to ensure your expecting mother and newborn receive the timely, thorough care they deserve. Our resuscitation kits are meticulously designed with the healthcare professional in mind, ensuring you have reliable, high-quality equipment for newborn resuscitation. Crafted for optimal efficiency and effectiveness, our sets are lightweight and durable. They also feature intuitive designs to facilitate rapid response in neonatal resuscitation scenarios.

Our premier neonatal resuscitation kits are available in various configurations and feature easy online ordering; plus, you will receive your equipment at your practice in time for the next birth.

Our infant resuscitation kits include cylinder oxygen tanks, nasal cannula, oxygen tubing, oxygen masks for both adults and newborns, and a resuscitator. These are ideal for home births and as back up for pediatric practices, too.   

Shop our selection of neonatal resuscitation bags and equipment today to begin providing assurance to every expecting mother and situation. Need more information? Give us a call, and our team of professionals can guide you through the essentials of our newborn resuscitation equipment to ensure you are ready, knowledgeable, and comfortable.

We proudly support midwives and healthcare professionals with tools that empower them to provide the best care possible. Trust in Cascade Health Care for excellence in every breath of life's beginning.