Water Birth Tubs, Birth Pool in a Box

At Cascade Health Care, we know our water birth tubs! We exclusively carry inflatable birthing pools from Birth Pool in a Box, which are designed for mothers by mothers and midwives. Renowned for its safety, comfort and practicality, Birth Pool in a Box has become the leader of portable, inflatable birthing pools used in hospitals, birth centers and at home.

Each Birth Pool in a Box water birth tub is designed with safety, practicality, comfort and resilience in mind. Our favorite feature is the built-in seat. Having a seat in the tub provides many benefits for mothers and their babies. Using the seat allows women to squat with support, raise themselves up partially out of the water without needing to stand, and offers additional comfort and positioning. Using the seat makes it far easier for mothers to comfortably hold their newborn baby at a raised height that prevents their baby's head from being submerged in water.

These water birth tubs also have external handles for the comfort of moms during labor. External handles ensure that the baby can safely float to the surface without risking bumping into a handle. Additionally, our heat covers secure firmly onto the outside of the tub ensuring that nothing will slip under the cover and into the pool, and the cup holders make it easy for mothers to stay hydrated during labor. When it comes to the comfort and safety of moms and babies, Cascade truly believes that the inflatable birthing pools from Birth Pool in a Box are the best choice for water births.

Why Choose Birth Pool in a Box Over Other Brands?

Cascade Health Care exclusively carries Birth Pool in a Box for water births because of its excellent quality, safety features and the fact that they are 100% backed by the manufacturer. We have researched all the available water birth tubs and though some are less expensive, we feel that the quality and comfort offered by Birth Pool in a Box is worth the extra cost. In our years of experience we have never had a disappointed customer, and in the rare cases where defects may have occurred, the manufacturers replaced the product immediately without question. 

Birth Pool in a Box professional birthing tubs are guaranteed for up to 40 uses but with proper care, many of our customers report getting up to 100 uses. Personal use water birth tubs are designed for one-time use, but by following the care instructions, they often can be reused by the same mother.