Dressing & Sundry Jars

In any number of healthcare settings, there is a need for the storing of small, miscellaneous items. Plastic or glass sundry jars are best in medical facilities for the storing of these kinds of miscellaneous medical items, including cotton swabs, bandages, gauze, tongue depressors, and more. Investing in pristine medical jars plays only a small part in creating an inviting and organized medical practice, but it makes a difference in patient experiences and provider efficiency.

Browse our complete selection of glass sundry jars and incur no sales tax. Glass medical jars (also known as glass dressing jars) with stainless steel lids are available labeled or unlabeled. These durable dressing jars with metal covers are ideal for clinic, office and home use. We also carry plastic sundry jars, labeled or unlabeled, so that facilities and organizers can choose the most suitable medical jars for their supplies and needs.

We also offer multi-unit discounts and you incur no sales tax when you order directly from Cascade Health Care. Shop the complete selection today and set your medical space up for success.