Birth Pool in a Box, Personal Use

Bringing a new life into the world is a beautiful, life-changing experience, and Birth Pool in a Box for personal use is here to make the process as serene, safe, and supportive as possible. Designed with the needs of expectant mothers in mind, this personal-use birthing tub offers a tranquil sanctuary for labor and delivery. The eco-friendly, highly durable material ensures safety and comfort, while the pool's spacious design accommodates various birthing positions. Trust in Birth Pool in a Box for a personal, comfortable birth pool that comes highly recommended by midwives.

Birth Pool in a Box Personal use birthing tubs are available in two sizes: regular and mini. These water birth tubs are designed for individual use at home and in birth centers.

All personal-use birthing tubs come with a liner which must be used with the tub. Liners prevent the interior of the pool from getting wet. They also ensure that once you drain the pool and remove the liner that your tub is dry and ready for storage. This helps to prevent tubs from mildewing and removes any concern of bacteria storing in the crevices.

In order to use your Birth Pool in a Box, you will need the following:

Air Pump For Inflating the Tub
Drain Pump for Removing the Water
Hose for Filling & Draining the Tub