Antiseptic Solutions & Wipes

We offer a complete selection of commonly used antiseptic solutions & antiseptic wipes, which includes BZK towelettes, hand sanitizers, Hibiclens, hydrogen peroxide, isopropyl alcohol 70%, 91%, and 99%, obstetrical towelettes, povidone iodine, saline wipes, witch hazel towelettes, and more. Used to halt the growth of microorganisms and bacteria on the skin or around wounds, antiseptic solutions and wipes see heavy daily use in virtually every medical setting. By utilizing antiseptic wipes or solutions, such as hydrogen peroxide, you greatly decrease your risk of later infection.

At Cascade Health Care, we charge no sales tax on all online sales, and we also offer multi-unit discounts when buying antiseptic solutions or wipes in bulk. Shop today and ensure your facility has the essentials it needs.