Summit Lifedop Dopplers

Summit LifeDop Dopplers by Wallach Surgical (Cooper Cleartone Dopplers) offer enhanced probe sensitivity, reliable performance, and superior sound quality. The Summit Doppler LifeDop obstetric selection includes full featured handheld Dopplers and the Fetal2EMR Antepartum Monitor. For vascular assessments, we carry handheld Summit LifeDop Dopplers, portable ABI systems with printers, and the Vista AVS & ABI Systems for PAD Diagnosis.

The Summit Doppler LifeDop 150 and 250 Series are designed as multi-use Dopplers, allowing you to use the same system for both vascular and obstetrical uses by simply changing the probes. Contact Cascade Health Care today if you have any questions. We offer multi-unit discounts on larger orders, and we do not charge sales tax.


Cooper Cleartone Dopplers and Summit LifeDop Dopplers are manufactured by the same company (Cooper Surgical) but with different labels. We fill all orders for Cleartone & LifeDop with Dopplers labeled LifeDop.