DigiDop 330 Obstetric Doppler - Newman

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Newman DigiDop II 330 Obstetric Doppler

This battery-operated audio-only obstetric doppler has the sensitivity and audio response that allows you to hear the fetal heart tones quickly and clearly. All DigiDop systems have  state of the art Digital Signal Clarity – DSC™. A sound processor in the main unit enhances the sounds you want to hear while reducing those you don’t. The DSC™ processing is optimally set for each different probe frequency.

All DigiDop obstetrical probes provide the sensitivity and reliability you need. All probes will work on all DigiDops for maximum versatility. The 2 and 3 MHz obstetrical probes utilize an exclusive eXtended Depth – XD™ technology that has increased sensitivity at closer depths without sacrificing it at deeper depths. These probes create more than six times as much signal at some depths that other probes. All of Newman's OB probes have a smooth contour design that is comfortable to hold, comfortable for the patient, and easy to clean. 

Probe Options

  • 2mhz Standard Probe for pregnancy & labor, ideal for larger patients
  • 3mhz Standard Probe for early fetal heartrates and during pregnancy
  • 2mhz Waterproof Probe with fixed cord
  • 3mhz Waterproof Probe with fixed cord

All DigiDop Dopplers come with a ‘bumper-to-bumper’ 5 year warranty and EcoVue 99% natural ultrasound gel. The warranty includes both parts and labor and covers not just the main unit but also the probes and cords.

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