Why Medical Professionals Prefer Waterproof Dopplers

Why Medical Professionals Prefer Waterproof Dopplers

Jul 1st 2022

As a handheld ultrasound tool, a fetal Doppler is a popular medical device that parents-to-be, midwives, and obstetricians use to listen to the fetal heartbeat. Fetal Dopplers are ideal for personal or professional use, depending on whether the brand or model is basic or more advanced.

Professionals in the field often prefer high-end devices with innovative technology that reduces static, offers quality resolution display, has superior sensitivity, and is reliably waterproof. Here is a closer look at the reasons why medical professionals prefer waterproof dopplers.

Invested Comfort and Peace of Mind

When it comes to fetal heartbeat monitoring devices, usability is key. Medical professionals prefer investing in waterproof Dopplers for their comfortable ease of use. As a component of routine prenatal care, a waterproof Doppler is relatively straightforward to use in dry or wet settings.

For this reason, midwives and care providers are able to handle the water-resistant probe with peace of mind, knowing their equipment has the best protection and versatility available. By following best practices, they can provide the best comfort and care possible for moms-to-be.

Heightened Sensitivity for Accurate Results

Careful and accurate monitoring is essential for prenatal examination, especially during high-risk pregnancies. For this reason, medical devices that can monitor fetal heartbeat with increased sensitivity are the most powerful tools for modern professionals to use.

Care providers who watch and guide more precarious pregnancies can benefit from a waterproof obstetric Doppler that ensures high sensitivity. As mentioned above, the probe of the device is protected from liquid spills or accidents and will be able to detect the fetal heart rate consistently.

Suitable for Water-Based Labor and Childbirth

Medical professionals with patients opting for water-based labor or childbirth require a fully waterproof device for safety and efficiency. As the latest technology in fetal heart monitoring, waterproofing an obstetric Doppler allows the probe to submerge in water safely. With integrated software and exclusive designs, care providers can trust these devices for meaningful and efficient patient use.

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