Masimo RD Set Disposable Sensors

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Masimo RD Set Sterile Disposable Sensors 

Disposable sensors are available in sizes for neonates weighing 6.5 lbs or less and for infants weighing 6.5 lbs to 44 lbs. These sterile, adhesive sensors are optimal for situations where protocol requires that you use a new sensor for each person. These sensors come with disposable wraps attached. 

NOTICE: These sensors do not plug directly into Masimo handheld units. They require a connector cable and are compatible with the Masimo MD20-05 cable (for use with Rad-5) and the Masimo G15-05 cable (for use with Rad-G). These cables are sold separately.

- Neonate/Adult Disposable Sensor <3kg or >40kg
- Infant Disposable Sensor 3 - 20kg
- Pediatric Sensor 10-50kg

Short Description:
Sterile Disposable Sensors for units using RD Set Cables
Neonatal/Adult & Infant