Masimo Rad 5 with Multi Site Sensor

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The Rad-5 is an accurate hand-held pulse oximeter that is perfect for both continuous monitoring and spot-check applications. Our Rad-5 Pulse Oximeter System comes complete with a reusable sensor to save you the expense of continually purchasing disposable sensors, and it also includes the protective boot casing with built-in table-top stand for added protection and convenience. This multi-use pulse oximeter can be used on adults, children, and because it is motion tolerant it is ideal for use on newborns and infants.

Rad 5 System Includes

  • Rad-5 Pulse Oximeter
  • RD Set Chip MD20-05 Cable
  • RD Set Chip Multi-Site Sensor
  • Handheld Protective Boot

This unit's reusable sensor works with wraps specially designed for each age/size group. The Infant Foam Wrap is ideal for newborns as it is gentle on their delicate skin and can be re-used if desired. The Infant Petite Disposable Wraps are also available for those looking for a standard infant wrap, and the Adult/Pediatric Multi-Site Wrap is specifically designed for children and adults. We also carry Neonate Disposable Sensors and Infant Disposable Sensors - one-time-use adhesive sensors for situations when protocols require a new sensor for each use. Simply remove the Rad-5 reusable sensor and insert the disposable sensor as required.


  • Offers accurate measurements during motion & low perfusion - scientifically & clinically proven
  • A lightweight, convenient hand-held device
  • Battery operated: over 30 hours life on four AA batteries
  • Up to 72 hours of trending memory
  • Perfusion Index (PI) indicates arterial pulse signal strength
  • Use as a diagnostic tool during low perfusion
  • FastSat tracks rapid changes in arterial O2 with unmatched fidelity
  • Signal IQ (SIQ) bar for signal identification & quality indication during motion
  • SmartTone beeps in sync with the pulse, even under patient motion condition
  • Sensitivity options: APOD, Normal & MAX
  • Audible and visual alarms for High/Low Saturation, Pulse Rate, Sensor Off and Low Battery
  • 1-year warranty against manufacturer's defect






Short Description:
Motion Tolerant Pulse Oximeter Ideal for Newborns, Children and Adults
Meets Newborn CCHD Screening Requirements

**Limited Quantity Available**