Masimo Rad 5 Multisite Sensors

$299.00 - $399.00

Masimo YI Reusable Multisite Sensors

Multisite Sensors are for use with all Masimo Rad 5 Pulse Oximeters. The RD Set YI Sensor features chip technology and requires a 4103 RD Set Cable to connect to the pulse oximeter. The LNCS YI Sensor requires a LNC cable. 

  • A 'Y' shaped multisite reusable sensor with a 3-foot cable that can be used on patients > 1kg.
  • The sensor is attached using either an adhesive attachment wrap or a nonadhesive foam wrap.
  • Recommended weight range: Greater than 1 kg.
  • Recommended monitoring site: Reusable sensors must be repositioned every 4 hours
    • Greater than 10kg: ring or middle finger of the non-dominant hand.
    • Greater than 3 kg and less than 10kg: great toe.
    • Less than 3 kg: across the foot or alternatively across the palm & back of hand.
Short Description:
Reusable Multisite Sensors for Masimo Pulse Oximeters