Birthing Station Simulator - Life/form


Birthing Station Simulator - Life/form

The Life/form® Birthing Station Simulator was designed with the intention of facilitating demonstrations and practices of palpating the internal birthing canal. The simulator clearly shows the relationship between the fetal head and the mother's ischial spines of the pelvic bone during the birth process.

The realism of this Life/form simulator will help students bridge the gap from classroom to bedside with ease and comfort. The simulator is designed to highlight the ischial spines which are of great obstetrical importance. The line drawn between the ischial spines typically represents the shortest diameter of the pelvic cavity. The ischial spines can be readily felt during a vaginal examination, and serve as valuable landmarks in ascertaining the level to which the presenting part of the fetus has descended into the pelvis.

The Birthing Station Simulator features a fetal head which will lock in any one of three lock stations. Minus Two Station shows the position of the fetal head when it lies above the ischial spines. Zero Station shows the fetal head directly between the ischial spines. Plus Three Station shows the fetal head below the ischial spines ready to enter into the birthing canal.

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Short Description:
Used to Demonstrate Practice of Palpating the Internal Birth Canal
Includes Teaching Guide & Carrying Case