Cascade Suturing Kit - Deluxe


Our Cascade Suturing Kit Deluxe is assembled with Miltex and Vantage brand name equipment. It was designed in collaboration with a midwifery school and has both high quality Miltex and floor grade Vantage instruments.

 Kit Includes:

  • Miltex Mayo-Hegar Needle Holders, 6-1/4" long
  • Miltex Russian Forceps, 5-7/8" long
  • Vantage Rochester Pean Forceps, 6-1/2" long curved
  • Vantage Rochester Pean Forceps, 6-1/2" long straight
  • Vantage Spencer Stitch Scissors, 3-3/4" long
  • Miltex Surgical Scissors, 5-3/4" long sharp/blunt
  • Purple nylon organizer bag

Why a pair of Russian Forceps?

The Russian Forceps are used in the non-dominant hand while suturing. Their shape is excellent for marking where to aim the needle, for grasping the needle tip as it comes through the tissue, and for holding tissue without scrunching it.

Why a pair of straight and curved Rochester Pean Forceps?

The curved hemostat is perfect for when you need to get back into a hard-to-reach area - for example, when clamping a spurting vessel prior to tying it off. The straight hemostat works best for covering the needle when not in use.

Why a pair of regular Surgical Scissors and a pair of Spencer Stitch Scissors?

The Spencer Stitch Scissors are great for snipping the suture, especially if you need to remove sutures during the 6 - 8 week visit. The regular Surgical Scissors are for removing skin tags or "dead" tissue when doing the repair.


Short Description:
The Cascade Deluxe Suturing is based on a kit desgined by a midwifery school