Folding Display Accessories

$69.00 - $159.00

Wall Hanger & Carrying Cases for Health Edco/Childbirth Graphics Folding Displays

Maximize the impact of your Health Edco and Childbirth Graphics folding and tabletop displays by hanging them on the wall. The wall hanger is made of durable, lightweight aluminum material, and it collapses for easy transport and storage. The pictured folding display is not included. Great to facilitate permanent exhibition of your essential health messages!

The carrying case is perfect for transporting your favorite Health Edco and Childbirth Graphics folding displays, this sturdy tote holds up to two displays. Great for carrying your displays to health fairs, corporate wellness programs, school assemblies, and more.

The standard case #79590 measures 26" x 17" and holds up to two displays

Extra Large case #96102 measures 34" x 28" x 2"