Postpartum Hemorrhage Trainer PRO - 3B

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3B Scientific Post Partum Hemorrhage Trainer - PRO

If you are looking for a PPH trainer that is compact, easy-to-use and durable, the PPH simulator P97 PRO from 3B Scientific is the ideal solution to provide hands-on and realistic training sessions for early recognition, systematic evaluation and treatment of postpartum hemorrhage. The PPH simulator focuses on three postpartum bleeding causes: Uterine atony (Tonus), Laceration and rupture (Trauma), and Retained tissue from the placenta (Tissue). The P97 Pro PPH Simulator is developed in collaboration with Dr. Martin Neuß, M.D., from Bethesda hospital in Hamburg to train the following skills, both individually and as a team:

  • Diagnosis of uterine atony by abdominal examination. Accommodating your scenario settings, P97 PRO can simulate different levels of the uterine tone. Both an atonic uterus and a contracted uterus can be simulated and adjusted using a deflation bulb. An atonic uterus on P97 PRO feels soft, boggy and enlarged while a contracted uterus feels harder and can tighten to a realistic smaller size.
  • Practice of both fundal massage and bimanual compression
  • Suturing of vaginal tears. The rupture inserts are replaceable
  • 360-degree cervical visual inspection. The cervix has a realistic after-childbirth size and softness
  • Manual removal of a retained placenta. Three residual pieces can be placed in the uterus to train the required medical interventions like uterine curettage
  • Intrauterine balloon tamponade. The size of the uterus cavity can accommodate the placement of a Bakri Balloon
  • Uterine packing with gauze
  • Presentation of severe obstetric hemorrhage cases. The volume of the blood reservoir is up to 3L. The flow speed is adjustable and up to 400 ml/min
  • Blood loss estimation. The volume scale on the blood reservoir can help trainees gain competence in estimating blood loss
  • Bladder catheterization. The insertion of a urinary catheter is possible. No fluid drainage is required
  • The demonstration of uterine compression suture techniques e.g. B-Lynch, Haymann, Pereira, Cho and Ouabha is possible on the separated foam uteri

Unique simulation features of the PPH trainer P97 Pro:

  • From abdominal wall through vaginal canal to uterus, the P97 PRO offers a unique texture in addition to a life-like haptic thanks to SKINlike™ high-quality silicone
  • Three independent bleeding sites: uterus, cervix and vaginal bleeding
  • Simultaneous multiple hemorrhages possible
  • Suturing of vaginal tears
  • Realistic after-childbirth cervix
  • Direct feedback of atonic uterus management
  • Major severe PPH scenarios can be simulated: blood loss up to 3000 ml and/or speed of blood flow up to 400 ml/min
  • Delivery of a retained placenta. The placenta is made of silicone for a realistic feel and softness
  • The trainer offers accurate anatomy, including ischial spines, pubic bones and sacrum
  • The simulator is completely independent from electricity, extremely durable and easy to set up

1023727 - Postpartum Hemorrhage Trainer PRO includes:

  • PPH Trainer P97 PRO
  • Blood reservoir bag 3000 ml
  • Color coded bleeding connector
  • Placenta with three residual pieces
  • Two foam uteri
  • Artificial blood concentrate
  • Lubricant
  • Replacement kit (1x rupture insert and 1 set of residual pieces)
  • Drying stand for uterus cavity

1023731 - PRO Module Only includes:

  • P97 PRO PPH module only
  • 3,000-mL blood reservoir bag
  • Color-coded bleeding connector
  • Placenta with three extra pieces
  • Two foam uteruses
  • Artificial blood concentrate
  • Lubricant
  • Replacement kit (1x rupture insert and 1 set of extra pieces)
  • Drying stand for uterus cavity
  • For those who already have the 3B P90PN PRO Birthing Simulator, this module integrates with the simulator

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Realistic Training Tool
Realistic Feel and Texture