Tenderfoot™ Newborn Lancet

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We only offer quality products for midwives, doulas, and OB-GYNs to use in labor and delivery. The Tenderfoot® Newborn Lancet Device has a fully automated retracting blade measuring 1.0mm deep and 2.5mm wide for infant blood samples. The quick blade reduces harm to the patient while still retaining accuracy. The Tenderfoot® lancet is designed to minimize heel or bone injury as well as trauma and pain. Excellent blood flow is achieved without squeezing the foot for reduced bruising and improved sample quality.

Order the Tenderfoot newborn lancet today from Cascade Health Care.

  • Dimensions: 1mm depth, 2.5mm wide
  • SoftSweepTM Incision method performs a gentle sweeping arc instead of a puncture
  • Smoother incision results in less bruising for quick healing
  • Precise incision for adequate blood sampling for less re-sticking
  • Permanently retractable blade for user safety

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Short Description:
Sterile Newborn Lancet Device, 1mm Depth, 2.5mm Width
Features SoftSweep Incision Method