LifeDop Vascular Probes Only

$209.00 - $389.00

Summit LifeDop Vascular Doppler Probes

Summit LifeDop Vascular Doppler Probes are designed to provide excellent sensitivity for locating vessels and blood flow. All LifeDop probes are interchangeable with the LifeDop L150, L250, and L350 series Dopplers, and provide a specific purpose as noted below. Probes only do not come with cords. Replacement cords can be ordered separately.

  • 4 MHz Probe is optimized with a broad, flat beam for easy location of blood flow.
  • 5 MHz Probe has a  medium width beam that aids in detecting deep vessels.
  • 8 MHz Probe is the best general-purpose vascular probe.  The sensitive, narrow beam allows for easy detection of surface vessel location.
  • 8 MHz Sterilizable Probe: Clinically tested for use in sterile fields for the detection of blood flow in both veins and arteries.  
Short Description:
Vascular Probes for all Lifedop 150/250/350 Dopplers
Choose 4MHz, 5MHz 8mhz or 8Mhz Sterilizable