Osteoporosis Model


Osteoporosis Model

Impressive didactic model for comparing osteoporotic and normal thoracic vertebrae.  Ideal for medical studies and patient consultation.  The 11th and 12th thoracic vertebrae are shown.

Reproductions of sequential osteoporotic thoracic vertebrae with narrower intervertebral disc are located on the left of the stand.  The upper vertebra is divided in the middle.  The magnetically attached vertebral half can be removed easily to show the cut surfaces.  This allows clear visualization of the fractured upper part of the vertebral body caused by sintering, i.e. collapse of the bony substance in the course and as a result of osteoporosis.  Degenerative changes in the bone, manifested as osteophytes, are also identifiable.

For comparison, reproductions of two corresponding healthy vertebrae with intervertebral disc are provided on the right side.  One half of the upper vertebral body is magnetically attached and can be removed. 

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Short Description:
Model for Comparing Osteoporotic and Normal Thoracic Vertebrae
Ideal for Education and Patient Consulatation