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Sofnit® Reusable Underpads - Medline

Sofnit® Reusable Underpads are environmentally-friendly and can be washed and re-used at least 300 times! The cotton/poly quilted facing continues to absorb fluids well, while remaining comfortable. The barrier material is a soft vinyl knit that withstands the heat and detergents of laundering, and the non-slip surface prevents movement. Its combined durability and long-life make this the most economical reusable underpad you can choose, and a great way to help the environment by limiting the amount of disposable underpads sent to the landfill! 34" x 36"


  • Reusable up to 300 times after washing
  • Cotton/poly facing provides medium absorbency 
  • Soft, leakproof vinyl knit barrier material withstands heat & detergent of laundering
  • Durable, comfortable twill facing underpad resists staining
  • Environmentally and economically conscious choice for underpads!
  • Comes in pink


Short Description:
34" x 36" Medium Absorbency
Available in Pink