Episiotomy & Perineal Laceration Training

$219.00 - $319.00

Life/form Episiotomy and Perineal Laceration Training Kit

The Life/form Episiotomy and Perineal Laceration Training Kit offers an unprecedented opportunity for students to master the techniques needed to repair most common birth injuries. By making their own incision into the soft, lifelike pad, students and instructors can create a traditional episiotomy or nearly any type of first through fourth-degree lacerations. Embedded within the tissue are discrete structures representing the bulbocavernosus muscle, transverse perineal muscle, and external anal sphincter. These muscles can be cut and repaired individually just as they would be in a real patient.


  • Soft pad with molded base
  • Adjustable stand
  • Dissection instruments in fold-over case
  • One suture with curved needle
  • Soft carry case
  • Replacement pads available


Short Description:
Lifeform Training Kit With Life-Like Models
For Practicing Incisions & Repairs