Frida Prepare-To-Push Perineal Massage Wand


Frida Prepare-To-Push Perineal Massage Wand

Developed with an OB-GYN, the Frida Prepare-to-Push Perineal Massage Wand helps you ace the stretch rehearsal to reduce your risk of tearing during delivery and impact your postpartum recovery. The perfect length to make reaching around the bump easy, a mirror to guide your massage, and a body-safe 100% silicone shell for hygienic massaging make this your 3rd trimester side-kick. Just position your mirror (included in box!), get comfortable and start massaging.

• BIRTH PREPARATION: Reduce your risk of vaginal tearing by comfortably reaching around your bump to massage and stretch your perineum.
• EASY TO USE: A weighted handle for precise pressure control, an ideal length for reaching around the bump and a soft rounded edge help you perform your own massage.
• DEVELOPED WITH AN OB-GYN: Backed by industry professionals.
• BEGINNER FRIENDLY: Includes a mirror to guide your massage.
• BODY-SAFE MATERIAL: Medical-grade 100% soft silicone outer shell for hygienic massaging.

Short Description:
Perineal massage wand to help reduce the risk of tearing