Birth Pool in a Box Clearfit Heat Covers

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Birth Pool in a Box Clear Heat Covers are eco-friendly PVC inflated covers that fit over the pool and are secured on exterior handles. Choose the size, either Mini or Full, that corresponds with your Birth Pool in a Box size to substantially reduce heat loss more effectively than using a tarp or a floating bubble-wrap cover.

  • Reduces heat loss while filling pool
  • Reduces heat loss from filled pools before labor is established
  • Reduces the risk of a child or pet entering a filled pool unsupervised
  • While the cover is not "lockable", it is secured over the outside handles of the pool
  • Material: 0.23mm non-phthalate PVC
  • Free from Cadmium and Lead
  • Reusable, easily cleaned with sterilizing agent


Short Description:
Birth Pool in a Box Clearfit Heat Covers Help to Maintain Water Temperature
Available in Regular & Mini Sizes