40" x 40" Sterilization Wrap, Pack of 25

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40" x 40" Sterilization Wrap by Cardinal Health™, Pack of 25

This sterilizing material is used to wrap instruments for sterilizing in autoclaves, steam sterilizers, and pressure cookers. These wraps need to be sealed with sterilization tape. The single-layer wrap is easy to use, saving time and effort because there's no need to wrap twice. The single sheet of polypropylene material offers enhanced abrasion resistance and exceptional drapability.

  • Made from singel layer SMS Polypropylene for strength and sterility maintenance
  • Designed with a simple, cross-stitch bond pattern for clear, visual feedback of breaches that may occur during handling, storage and sterilization
  • Supports sequential or simultaneous double wrapping
  • 100 Level basis weight for very light weight packages
  • Disposable, Non-sterile
  • Blue, 40" x 40"
  • Sold in pack of 25

Do not use the Cardinal Health™ Sterilization Wrap for dry heat or radiation sterilization methods. A temperature of 143 °C (290 °F) should not exceed during sterilization.

Short Description:
For Wrapping Instruments For Heat Sterilization
Pack of 25