Catheterization Simulator Basic - 3B Scientific

$599.00 - $1,011.00

3B Scientific BASIC catheterization trainer

With the  3B Scientific BASIC catheterization trainer set, both male and female bladder catheterization procedures can be realistically demonstrated, practiced and assessed. The easy-to-change genital inserted into the holder and held in place with magnets. Both inserts are made from soft material. Foreskin and labia are movable and the penis can be stretched.

This way the student can practice all the necessary gestures for catheterization (e.g. disinfection). The material of the genital inserts gives a realistic feeling when inserting and removing the catheter into the bladder with realistic resistance and insertion depths. When the catheter has been correctly inserted, fluid runs out, just like with a real patient. The catheter can also be checked through the transparent bladder at any time.

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Short Description:
Realistic Catheterization Training Models
Both Male & Female Models Available