What To Expect During Your First Water Birth

What To Expect During Your First Water Birth

Jul 20th 2022

As Gloria Steinem once noted, “Childbirth is more admirable than conquest, more amazing than self-defense, and as courageous as either one.” Bravely welcoming a child into the world is not an easy feat but can prove to be a positive experience with an ideal birth plan.

Every mother-to-be’s experience of labor and delivery is unique, especially those who choose to have water-assisted childbirth. We’ve compiled a general guide outlining what you need to know about this gratifying experience. Here’s what to expect during your first water birth.

Relaxation and Pain Relief Benefits

Many expectant mothers seek out childbirth in a water-based setting for a single reason: the increased soothing and calming benefits the experience provides. Similar to taking a hot bath after a long, stressful day, the properties of water immersion dramatically amplify feelings of relaxation. Water-assisted childbirth also effectively reduces the pain and anxiety levels of intense labor.

To take full advantage of the relaxing perks of water birth, you need to prepare your mind for what’s ahead. Expect to trust your intuition and stay flexible so you can make the most out of the life-changing experience.

Enhanced Mobility and Position Control

Another positive aspect of this comforting type of childbirth is mobility; expect the wonderful freedom of movement during your first water birth. Mothers-to-be have their own private and protected space to move around in, unlike traditional birthing in a bed.

You’ll need to experiment with positioning in the water to discover what works best to reduce the sensitivity, agitation, or tenderness your body feels. Fortunately, the effect of buoyancy supports your weight, so you can find the right fit without needing additional assistance. This weightless sense of control and safety can bring about more efficient contractions and shorten the length of labor.

A Need for Professional Healthcare Resources and Supplies

Water birth isn’t for everyone, but if you choose to go this route, you need the right team by your side. Expectant mothers with low-risk pregnancies should choose a trusted midwife as a care provider that can perform a water birth at home or a local birthing center. You’ll also need a genuine birth pool that provides sturdy comfort, reliable safety, and convenient portability.

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