What Every Midwife Should Keep in Their Bag

What Every Midwife Should Keep in Their Bag

Dec 9th 2021

As a midwife, the bag you carry around and its core components are a hot topic—one that normally generates curiosity from patients and other healthcare professionals alike. Midwives have varied habits and histories that influence their choice of contents. At the end of the day, preparation is key. Especially when bringing the birth center to the home.

Midwifery bags should contain the essentials to aid the labor and birthing process. The predetermined kit of supplies and tools you bring is what you will have for whatever circumstances arise. Arriving at a birth with the bells and whistles helps ensure safety and wellness in any situation. Here’s a principal list of what every midwife should keep in their bag.

Professional Medical Tools and Devices

If not working within a hospital or birth center setting, midwives cannot simply head down the hallway for extra necessities on the fly. Ergo, professional medical tools are at the top of the list of what every midwife should keep in their bag. The basics for assessment of vital signs include:

  • a small and large blood pressure cuff
  • maternal stethoscope
  • infant fetoscope
  • portable handheld doppler and gel
  • thermometer

Birthing Instruments and Emergency Supplies

For the anticipated birthing event, numerous fundamental tools provide the right assistance. These include a tape measure, blood collection kit, suture material kit, amnihooks, cord clamps, cord forceps, cord scissors, lancets, and an infant scale. Remember the importance of emergency supplies, such as oxygen tanks, neonatal resuscitation equipment, vials, needles, syringes, bleeding medications, and IV fluids.

Clinical Sterilization Products

Your kit must contain various sterilized gear, disposable products, and cleaning supplies for health and sanitary purposes. These include:

  • sterile gauze, dressings, cotton swabs or balls, and tape
  • sterile gloves or PPE
  • sterile sanitary pads, under pads, wipes, and towels
  • storage bowls or bags for used supplies
  • lubrication, hand sanitizer, disinfectants, and antiseptic solutions
  • a small sharps disposal container

Miscellaneous Supplies and Accessories

Various odds and ends can be extremely beneficial for every midwife to keep in their bag during a birth. These practical items are wise to gather or purchase for peace of mind. This list includes a flashlight, blanket, notebook, extra pens, spare batteries, personal supplies such as medications or breast pumps, and other comfort accessories that support the complete process.

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