What Are the Different Types of Medical Autoclaves?

What Are the Different Types of Medical Autoclaves?

Aug 17th 2023

Medical facilities and practices see patients in and out of their doors for a wide range of reasons. With each visit, medical tools may be necessary to offer patients the best quality care. Keeping this equipment clean and safe for each use is vital for ethical medical practices. We’ll take a closer look at the different types of medical autoclaves so you can choose a system that best serves your practice and patients.

Gravity Displacement Autoclaves

Gravity displacement autoclaves are the most well-known systems and have a reputation for being the most affordable options. Common objects like glassware, lab utensils, or anything that comes in contact with biohazardous waste can go inside a gravity autoclave. This machine uses a steam chamber to displace the air particles and steam the objects with the remaining air.

It’s best to use gravity autoclaves for devices with minimal design features, specifically small objects with minimal surface changes. Gravity displacement autoclaves are incredibly simple to use, and they’re among the most accessible systems for medical practices of all types.

Pre-Vacuum Autoclaves

The pre-vacuum autoclave is best when air removal or displacement is challenging. Pre-vacuum autoclaves excel in sterilizing large objects with porous surfaces, including and not limited to patient bedding or encased surgical kits.

The vacuum feature is the best form of sterilization for these objects, as it vacuums air particles from the steam chamber, allowing the steam sterilization to access hard-to-reach spaces in the objects. When a porous object holds air, it must be removed to clean the item’s surfaces thoroughly.

Selecting an Autoclave for Your Practice

Choosing one of these medical autoclaves for your practice means understanding how each one works and how it benefits you. High-capacity medical facilities commonly house both types of machines to serve all patient needs.

It’s worth noting that sometimes budget and space can determine which system a practice needs. Management teams and organizations should prioritize these machines based on needs and partner with a reputable equipment supplier before making final selections.

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