The Advantages of Using a Butterfly Needle

The Advantages of Using a Butterfly Needle

Jun 7th 2022

During the course of a typical day, drawing blood for laboratory analysis is a critical task performed by medical professionals. Those who perform—or receive—these services should be fully knowledgeable about the proper techniques and phlebotomy supplies used to provide positive patient outcomes.

With experience, you’ll learn to avoid common phlebotomy errors and which supplies you prefer to work with. A butterfly needle with winged infusion maximizes healthcare safely and efficiently in specific situations. Here are three main advantages of using a butterfly needle.

Minimal Pain and Intrusion

Butterfly needles can be simpler to use—and considerably less painful for patients—than straight needles. How? The winged tubing system provides the least amount of patient discomfort due to the ease of accessibility. The smaller needle gauge and shallow-angled insertion also allow greater flexibility. When drawing blood for venipuncture or administering IV hydration or medication, healthcare professionals may use a butterfly needle for those who require it or ask for it.

Precise Placement for Small or Fragile Veins

Another advantage of using a butterfly needle is its innate precision, thanks to its innovative design. Butterfly needles have a beveled edge with two plastic wings at the base and connect with slender tubing for smoother access to veins. This setup helps providers perform more difficult venipunctures, including those on the elderly, young children, babies, or non-cooperative patients.

A winged infusion blood collection set is ideal for those with small or fragile veins or those with bleeding disorders, as well as patients who might experience unrestrained tremors, motions, or moments of seizing. In these instances, blood drawing systems that use butterfly needles can minimize the risk of harm for at-risk populations.

Easily and Safely Facilitates Venipuncture

Taking everything into consideration, patients and professionals can both benefit from this method. An easier venipuncture blood draw supports the improvement of healthcare outcomes, and with proper control and technique, a butterfly needle blood collection system helps prevent needlestick injuries and the spreading of infectious diseases.

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