5 Ways a Birth Partner Can Be Supportive During Labor

5 Ways a Birth Partner Can Be Supportive During Labor

Sep 13th 2023

Making sure that the expectant parent feels supported and secure during labor is just as important as any medical intervention. That’s why having a birth partner, whether a friend, spouse, or family member, on hand during childbirth can make all the difference to both mother and baby. Here, we elaborate on five ways a birth partner can be supportive during labor.

Cascade Health Care acknowledges all labor and delivery scenarios and understands a partner is not always an option. This blog is designed to provide insight and encourage expecting parents to find and use the support they need and deserve.

Be an Advocate

The first and most important role of a birth partner is to act as an advocate for the expecting mother. The partner can serve as the mother’s voice in times of need and ensure that medical professionals and staff respect her needs throughout her birthing experience.

These efforts may include providing support by listening to the mother’s concerns, communicating those concerns clearly with medical staff, knowing when to get a second opinion, and being aware of the patient’s rights. The more a mother and partner understand each other’s communication styles, the more effective the advocacy will be.

Provide Physical Comfort

During labor, the expecting mother may need physical comfort and assistance with various relaxation techniques. A birth partner can support her by giving back rubs on pressure points, offering position assistance during contractions, providing reassurance through eye contact, or holding the patient’s hand.

Birth partners may also be able to offer distraction techniques, such as massage or visualization. Physical comfort will vary from person to person, so it’s advantageous to discuss all possibilities before labor and delivery begin.

Act as a Cheerleader

It’s easy for the expecting mother to get frustrated during labor, but having someone who can provide encouragement and remind her that she is doing an amazing job can make a huge difference. A birth partner should be there to give the mother positive reinforcement, cheer her on, and remind her of her strength.

Commonly, mothers face fears and doubts mid-labor as things intensify. Cheering her on through these processes can uplift her mindset and help her stay positive as the labor progresses.

Be a Source of Information

Preparing for childbirth can be overwhelming. A birth partner should understand the different stages of labor and the available options for pain management so they can provide information to help the expecting mother make informed decisions without feeling rushed or intimidated.

Offer Reassurance

From the moment labor begins, a birth partner should be there to provide emotional and psychological support. This support can include offering words of comfort, being an active listener, understanding that fear is normal during labor, and providing reassurance about the process and safety of both mother and baby.

These five ways a birth partner can be supportive during labor will look different for each mother-partner dynamic. It’s essential to spend time discussing roles and desired outcomes throughout pregnancy so there is an effective plan during labor and delivery.

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