5 Qualities All Professional Midwives Should Have

5 Qualities All Professional Midwives Should Have

May 9th 2022

Midwifery is a profession that’s steadily rising in popularity. Moms-to-be are choosing these trained healthcare professionals to handle their prenatal care, labor and delivery, and postpartum care now more than ever before.

Midwives need the right education, skills, and innate characteristics to perform their jobs well. Wondering how to best excel in this pivotal field? Here is a list of the top five qualities all professional midwives should have in order to be successful in practice.

Excellent Communication Abilities

On our list of five qualities all professional midwives should have, good interpersonal skills top the list. The ability to be a reliable communicator is key. Midwives speak with an assortment of patients, family members, and medical professionals on a daily basis. Communicating effectively with diverse people in diverse situations is fundamental to the job. Professional midwives should provide appropriate care through non-judgmental listening to patient concerns, and they should practice clear and concise communication.

Problem-Solving Capabilities

Being a decisive problem solver is another integral quality of those practicing midwifery. Quick and critical thinking—not to mention good judgment—helps determine the appropriate approach for whatever situation may arise. Some situations may not have a straightforward solution. Ergo, having problem-solving skills at the ready is essential to examine the scenario objectively and use clinical knowledge correctly.

Level-Headed Confidence

An individual must be able to work well under pressure in any role in the health care industry. With the expansive list of responsibilities they carry, a successful midwife must also be knowledgeable and confident in their abilities. Childbirth is a natural occurrence, but each birth doesn’t always go exactly to plan. Staying level-headed is of the essence to maintain trust and keep patients relaxed and comfortable.

Patient Flexibility

Babies are born at all times of day during all times of the year. There is no fixed schedule for midwife practice and care. For this reason, midwives need to be flexible and patient to provide the best birth experience possible. Not every situation is controllable, but a professional should be able to adapt accordingly to provide suitable and safe care. Midwives must also be adaptable to fit the needs of parents from diverse backgrounds with varying preferences.

Knowledgeable Attention to Detail

Alongside a strong educational foundation and reliable medical skill set, paying close attention to detail is necessary for midwives. Even the smallest change in vital signs or health status may influence the well-being of a mom or fetus. With the right knowledge and equipment, detail-orientated professionals in the midwifery field can observe and monitor patients appropriately to ensure proper care.

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