5 Breastfeeding Teaching Aids Your Practice Should Have

5 Breastfeeding Teaching Aids Your Practice Should Have

Aug 2nd 2022

Breastfeeding is a tricky subject with a complex history, full of modern-day challenges and benefits for both mother and child. Overcoming the common barriers of this practice involves ongoing conversations and a steady foundation of support from obstetrical providers and healthcare professionals.

Proper prenatal lactation education and professional resources help mothers provide their babies with the healthiest start to life. Consider these five breastfeeding teaching aids your practice should have to guide patients toward their breastfeeding goals.

Printed Handouts and Posters

Providing comprehensive prenatal lactation lessons to mothers-to-be involves using visual printed aids, such as personal handouts, graphic charts, and anatomical art posters. Nursing educators should provide their students with these instructional tools to further aid lesson understanding. Having a tangible overview of compiled tips or a reference guide will help mothers provide the best nutrition for their babies when the time comes.

Breastfeeding Hand Puppet

Puppets are fun and engaging educational tools to demonstrate the actions of proper latching for those starting on their breastfeeding journeys. Instructors can use the hand puppet as a class prop to showcase the optimal mouth position and reflexive latch of a feeding baby. Combine the puppet with a cloth breast model for the most effective demonstration.

Full-Scale Baby Training Model

A poseable demo doll is another of the essential breastfeeding teaching aids your practice should have. Using a realistic doll with anatomically accurate features is beneficial for coaching parents on proper newborn care. A model with an open mouth and cupped tongue is ideal for helping mothers develop healthy lactation guiding habits. Apply these specially designed models to guided instruction during group preparation classes or one-on-one lessons.

Lactating Breast Replica

Mothers-to-be should be aware of the anatomy and physiology of the lactating breast, which can look and feel different for all women. A tangible breast replica provides a basic anatomical instruction foundation for new or soon-to-be nursing mothers. Employing a lifelike synthetic model with enlarged nipples is suitable for demonstrating breast massage, plugged duct relief, pumping, and hand expression during classes.

Breastmilk Composition Display

Lactating mothers require deeper knowledge of their natural abilities to nourish their child with breastmilk. A representative composition display is an instructional tool that showcases the differences between foremilk, hindmilk, and colostrum, and their functions during daily feedings. This visual display of the varying components of breastmilk and their nutritional roles can provide further awareness and comprehension of the benefits of breastfeeding.

Lactation Resources: Common Educational Products

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