4 Common Challenges Student Midwives Face in 2023

4 Common Challenges Student Midwives Face in 2023

Aug 8th 2023

When a nurse decides to expand her career, many choose to become certified nurse midwives. If the nurse has a passion for assisting expecting parents and families in their pregnancy and childbirth journeys, midwifery care can be a rewarding and thrilling career path. But as a student midwife, many individuals will face a series of common challenges that impact their ability to enter the field and begin helping families. Explore these challenges below.

Challenge 1: Developing Adequate Clinical Skills

To become a skilled practitioner, student midwives need to develop clinical skills and competencies. They must attend clinical placements, which are not always available due to a lack of resources or an insufficient number of midwives to support students’ learning needs. In addition, student midwives must take the initiative to seek opportunities for additional learning and professional development outside the classroom.

Challenge 2: Keeping Up With the Latest Technology

Technology advances rapidly, and student midwives must continuously update their skills to keep pace with the changes. There is a need for student midwives to understand how technology can play a role in maternity care as well as the ethical implications of its use. Student midwives must also become proficient at using electronic health records (EHRs) and other digital tools for documenting and sharing patient information.

Challenge 3: Nurturing a Work-Life Balance

Midwifery students often juggle personal commitments with their professional demands, which is one of the most common challenges student midwives face. Finding the balance between schoolwork, clinical placements, and personal time can be difficult, but doing so is essential for individual well-being and resilience. Student midwives should be mindful of their own needs and take time to rest and recharge when necessary.

Challenge 4: Adhering to the Midwife Model of Care

The midwife model of care is an evidence-based approach emphasizing a holistic and personalized approach to maternity care. Student midwives must uphold this model, which can be difficult in today’s fast-paced environment.

Many health systems no longer implement the midwife model of care, making it difficult to learn and practice within it. Student midwives must diligently maintain their commitment to this approach by focusing on patient-centric care and building trust with patients through open communication.

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