3 Reasons Midwives Are Growing in Popularity

3 Reasons Midwives Are Growing in Popularity

Dec 20th 2021

Within the last decade, an increasing number of expectant parents have made midwifery the method of choice for delivering their babies. Ultimately, choosing who will deliver the baby—and where the birth will take place—is a significant personal decision for each mom-to-be.

The midwifery model of care differs from traditional OB-GYN physician care in modern healthcare settings. What was once seen as a fringe decision is now a top choice for whole-body health and wellness. Let’s examine closer the basis for this renewed prominence of midwifery care. Here are three main reasons midwives are growing in popularity.

Community: Continuity of Care and Support

Heightened levels of communication and trust play a pivotal role for an expectant mother and her chosen healthcare provider. Midwifery is an option that offers an attentive community and a compassionate partnership that’s supportive of the individual needs and decisions a mom-to-be has throughout pregnancy.

This continuity of conversational care is a calming presence and satisfying influence for many pregnant women worldwide. Midwifery assistance can also provide further advice and counseling for either the introduction to parenthood or the addition of another child into the family.

Philosophy: A Sense of Personalization

On the topic of individualized methodology, philosophy is another of the three reasons midwives are growing in popularity today. Midwives believe in the strength and power of women and the critical nature of their well-being to family, community, and society. Ergo, midwifery is a form of healthcare that respects differences and diversity in women to provide the best for their needs.

Through the understanding of life experience and knowledge, the right comfort of care is possible. This insightful style is key to the preferential birthing experience and process that many women seek. As considerate patient advocates, midwives customarily provide cost-effective care with lasting positive outcomes.

Professionalism: Experience and Credibility

When thinking of the term “midwife,” many call to mind the historical women from a century ago rather than the medical professionals known today. In recent times, professional midwifery has become more formally regulated through hands-on training and educational certification. Midwives also traditionally work with healthy women who have lower-risk pregnancies, using their experience to ensure expectant mothers stay as healthy and low-risk as possible.

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