3 Practical Tips To Make Your Home Birth More Comfortable

3 Practical Tips To Make Your Home Birth More Comfortable

Dec 16th 2021

Deciding how and where to welcome a child into the world isn’t the simplest feat. Hospitals have become the norm, but home births are making a comeback for a growing number of women with healthy pregnancies. Within reason, this beneficial alternative offers a greater ability to control labor and delivery as desired. Home births provide other advantages that no hospital or birthing center can readily offer.

Expectant mothers who decide to take the home birth route hope to deliver their baby in a relaxed, familiar environment. For peace of mind, let’s take a closer look at how to manage this process in the comfort of the home. Here are three practical tips to make your home birth more comfortable.

Be Flexible With the Birth Plan

Many mothers-to-be choose this method for the confidence, calm, and support that the familiarity of the home provides. Nonetheless, no event in the world can be as unpredictable as giving birth. Preparing for different outcomes is essential to feel at peace with the way one’s labor and delivery goes.

The creation of your initial birth plan reveals the most important birthing decisions. However, when the time comes to make those decisions, keeping a flexible, open mind helps welcome the baby safe and sound. The health and safety of both mom and baby is always priority number one.

Prepare for Pain Relief

Let’s face it: childbirth hurts. Preparing properly for pain is another of the three core practical tips to make your home birth more comfortable. Traditionally, you do not have the same access to the full range of pain-relief medications that are readily available in hospital settings. A midwife may have some form of medicine or supplement available to help ease the process. Otherwise, a plethora of alternative options is essential to alleviate the intensity of home birth pain.

Consider different positions, exercises, massages, aromatherapy, breathing techniques, and more to help manage contractions and labor pains. We advise having these pain management strategies ready for use in an instant—and someone to remind you of them.

Set Up a Suitable Birth Space

Think about where you would like to go into labor and give birth. Does your home have a comfortable area or room for laboring and delivery? Would you prefer complete privacy or pure convenience? Some women prefer to give birth on a large bed, while others opt for water delivery in a bathtub or pool. Either way, setting up a suitable space is key to ensuring the best comfort during the birthing process.

Besides the space itself, the right labor and delivery equipment make all the difference. Be sure to invest in a selection of sensible water birth supplies ahead of time. Cascade Health Care is a supplier of Birth Pool in a Box products designed for the personal use of mothers-to-be. With thoughtful and practical preparation, a healthy and well-supported home birth experience awaits.