Adtemp 424 Infrared Ear Thermometer - ADC

$4.99 - $37.99

Adtemp 425 Infrared Tympanic Ear Thermometer - ADC

The easy to use Adtemp 424 Infrared Ear Thermometer is a Tympanic thermometer that measures core temperature instantly with an audible beep when measurement is complete. Uses probe covers and is ideal for all types of uses.


  • One-second measurement using scan/peak technology
  • Large 6mm illuminated display
  • Temp range from 89.6F to 108F, F/C switchable Display
  • Fever Alarm at 99.5F/37.5C
  • Last reading memory
  • Audible beep when measurement is complete
  • Auto Off
  • Includes Lithium Battery
  • Includes 20 Probe Covers
  • Includes desktop storage caddy


Short Description:
Adtemp 424 Infrared Ear Thermometer Provides Instant Readings