Intro to Gynecology Lab Kit


Intro to Gynecology Lab Kit

The Gynecology Lab Kit  to study and practice basic gynecological skills! Learn the detailed inner anatomy of the female pelvis with a life-size multi-part pelvic model. Demonstrate options for female barrier contraceptive devices, IUDs, and pessaries. Hone palpation skills to identify various tumor stages in realistic silicone breast models. Practice gynecological examinations using real equipment to recognize normal and abnormal cervices and uteri. Great for any women’s health program!


  • H20/4 Female Pelvis with Ligaments, Vessels, Nerves, Pelvic Floor, Organs - 6-part
  • L55 Breast Self Examination Model, 3 Breasts
  • P53 Model for Gynaecological Patient Education
  • P91 Gynecological Skills Trainer  

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