Nicolet Dopplers w/ABI Kits

Nicolet Elite & Pocket Dop II Dopplers with ABI Kits

Cascade Health Care supplies a wide range of vascular dopplers for sale, including top-quality models from Nicolet. Everything you need in a doppler system is found in Nicolet dopplers. Select from the Elite 100 and the Imex Pocket Dop II dopplers with ABI Kits for easy-to-use performance solutions for ankle-brachial index exams. These economical options are configurable for diverse healthcare applications, setting the standards for pocket-sized medical dopplers.

Learn more about the proven performance and reliability of Nicolet dopplers by clicking on a specific model below. You can choose from vascular probe options, such as the traditional "pointed-style" 8 MHz probe or the unique 5 MHZ probe offering deep penetration and broad-beam technology. Reach out to our team with any questions about product availability and specifications.